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Onyx is a cryptocrystalline form of quartz. The colors of its bands range from white to almost every color. Commonly, specimens of onyx available contain bands of colors of white, tan, and brown. Pure black onyx is common, and perhaps the most famous variety, but not as common as onyx with banded colors.

 Marble exports was founded by in 1998 , it was created to serve the group’s growing need for marble flooring , cladding , counter tops , water jet and marble mosaics . It expanded later to include machine cut mosaics and hand cut mosaics.

alabastro egiziano
alabastro egiziano Onyx
jasper onyx
jasper onyx Onyx
onice acqua
onice acqua Onyx
onice acro iris
onice acro iris Onyx
onice acrobaleno
onice acrobaleno Onyx
onice ambra
onice ambra Onyx
onice ambra
onice ambra Onyx
onice bianco
onice bianco Onyx
onice brecciato
onice brecciato Onyx
onice brown
onice brown Onyx
onice cappuccino
onice cappuccino Onyx
onice capuccino
onice capuccino Onyx
onice caramel
onice caramel Onyx
onice cristallo
onice cristallo Onyx
onice fantastico
onice fantastico Onyx
onice fantasy
onice fantasy Onyx
onice flower
onice flower Onyx
onice fuoco
onice fuoco Onyx
onice girasole
onice girasole Onyx
onice glaciale
onice glaciale Onyx
onice glaciale extra
onice glaciale extra Onyx
onice gold
onice gold Onyx
onice honey extra
onice honey extra Onyx
onice honey miele
onice honey miele Onyx
onice incas
onice incas Onyx
onice ivory
onice ivory Onyx
onice mediceo
onice mediceo Onyx
onice miafiori
onice miafiori Onyx
onice miele
onice miele Onyx
onice multicolor pakistano
onice multicolor pakistano Onyx
onice multicolor perisiano
onice multicolor perisiano Onyx
onice nuvolato
onice nuvolato Onyx
onice nuvolato extra
onice nuvolato extra Onyx
onice orange
onice orange Onyx
onice pakistan green
onice pakistan green Onyx
onice pavone
onice pavone Onyx
onice persian green
onice persian green Onyx
onice pesca
onice pesca Onyx
onice pink
onice pink Onyx
onice rosso orientale
onice rosso orientale Onyx
onice smeraldo
onice smeraldo Onyx
onice stariato doro
onice stariato doro Onyx
onice stariato viola
onice stariato viola Onyx
onice sultano
onice sultano Onyx
onice tiger
onice tiger Onyx
onice tropicale
onice tropicale Onyx
onice verde
onice verde Onyx
onice white
onice white Onyx
onice white extra
onice white extra Onyx
onyx travertine
onyx travertine Onyx
stalattite oro
stalattite oro Onyx
stalattite surgarcane
stalattite surgarcane Onyx
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